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Tibetan Bells II

Tibetan Bells II
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Price: £15.99
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Media: CD
Artist: Henry Wolff - Nancy Hennings
Barcode: 013711300529
Source: DIS-13005-2
Label: Celestial Harmonies
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Tibetan Bells II

Tibetan Bells II is the outcome of years of study, travel and experiment by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings, two musicians resolutely in quest of the sound between the spaces.' Bringing together musical elements never before associated, sounds vastly separate it time, space and tradition, the musicians have advanced across remote areas of sound. In Tibetan Bells II, the ancient resonances of the bells of Tibet are deployed within a musical framework uncompromisingly 20th century and Western. Tibetan Bells II is an unprecedented synthesis of the sounds of East and West, past and present. The instruments of this release are exclusively the bells of Tibet. These remarkable instruments have been described elsewhere, yet it is a striking fact that the tones of Tibetan bells, the indigenous products of a highly evolved yet little known Asian culture, have often been confused with the ultra-modern sounds of electronic music. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is no electronic tampering and the resonances of the bells owe nothing to outside sources. Unearthly and timeless, they are their own.'
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Biography: Henry Wolff - Nancy Hennings

In 1969, Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings traveled to India and Nepal where they studied with the Kagyu branch of Tibetan Buddhism and discovered the transcendent music of the Tibetan bells. In 1972, they became the first Western artists to make use of the then unknown Asian instruments in a 20th century Western idiom. The resulting album, Tibetan Bells, led to a succession of recordings featuring these instruments
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