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It Won't Hurt Forever: Guiding Your Child Through Trauma

It Won't Hurt Forever: Guiding Your Child Through Trauma
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Price: £17.99
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Media: CD
Artist: Peter A. Levine
Barcode: 0600835049023
Source: DIS-AW00490D
Label: Sounds True
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It Won't Hurt Forever: Guiding Your Child Through Trauma

How Do You Help Your Child Recover and Grow from Lifes Painful Experiences?Your child has just experienced a distressing event - a bicycle fall, a medical procedure, a frightening encounter with a dog. What do you do? Most of us would try to comfort the child, and then hope for the best. There is more you can do than just hope, teaches Peter Levine. On It Wont Hurt Forever, Dr. Levine offers his 35 years of expertise in healing emotional trauma to show you a better way to help your child.Stress researchers now know that after a painful or fearful experience, children may endure such symptoms as unexplainable stomach aches, pains, nightmares, bedwetting, nervousness, aggression, distractibility, and other problems. Why? Because all animals, including humans, possess a natural physiological process for discharging the energy of such experiences, explains Dr. Levine. When that process is thwarted, a child may suffer long after the event. Now, with this groundbreaking audio-learning program for parents and caretakers, you can gain the skills you need to help a child recover from frightening events in a healthier, more natural way - using the bodys own healing mechanisms.Children possess the innate ability to respond and recover from potentially traumatic circumstances. With It Wont Hurt Forever, you will learn how to activate this priceless resource within any child in need.Includes 18-page study guide and ten full-color illustrations.
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Biography: Peter A. Levine

Peter A. Levine holds a Ph.D. in medical and biological physics from the University of California-Berkeley and a Ph.D. in psychology from International University. He has researched the psychology and physiology of trauma for over 35 years. Peter Levine is the author of Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma (North Atlantic Books, 1997).
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