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Red Lotus Creatives

The Sage, Ayya, with the breath, merged in mantras that reverberate with ancient energy and the pure ecstasy of Oneness, is the first passageway leading to the state of Turiya. Through the loud silence of meditation, Ayya would tell Nandhi "Sing for the world as you sing for us and within your song, know that we will be present as spirit to reach and uplift all who seek the eternal depth". Thus Nandhi quietly wished deep in his heart for this ancient resonance of the heart's song to be brought out to the world, knowing what a beautiful sense of perfection everyone could attain in tune with its total harmony, inspiration and fulfilment. To create the Siddhar chant music, Nandhi knew the only instrument that could fully compliment the deep breath of the mantras was the didgeridoo. Nandhi believed that Divine guidance would lead him to right person, and at the "Turiya Yoga" workshops he was running he met Cofe Fiakpui, a didgeridoo master also on the path of the Siddhars. Together they formed the group, "Turiya Nada".
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