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Karuna / Triloka

Triloka Records' Karuna Music imprint represents a unique "Soundtrack To A Lifestyle" and is dedicated to the evolution of chant, trance and music of the heart. Karuna is one of the pre-eminent labels and a leading force in music for Yoga, meditation and relaxation, spearheaded by Krishna Das, "the chant master of American yoga." (New York Times). Other artists on the Karuna roster include Celeste Alayne, M Path, Ram Dass and Bhagavan Das. Triloka's motto: "Ignite Your Spirit", says exactly what the label's mission has been from its inception more than ten years ago. Over the past decade, Triloka has been instrumental in the development of the World Music genre in America, presenting a roster of exceptional artists who draw their audiences into a journey of the heart. What is important to Triloka is music that has a quality that relates to our deeper needs as human beings on this planet; music that stirs the soul as much as it moves the feet.
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